Isolated Stitches

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Isolated Stitches

Detached Chain Stitch




detached chain stitch, tail chain stitch, (tied) loop stitch, knotted knot stitch, picot stitch


punto de margarita


point de chaînette isolé, point de bouclette, point de vierge, point marguerite


punto margherita


losse kettingsteek


ścieg stokrotkowy


ponto margarida, ponto malmequer


цепочка в прикреп


öglestygn, mille fleurs

The detached chain stitch, also answering to the pretty name "laizy daisy", works exactly the same way as the Chain Stitch itself, save that the beginning and the end of the line coincide in one single stitch, that is the first (stitch) shall be (the) last (stitch). 

As the name of this stitch implies in almost all languages - and as you can see at first glance - this stitch is perfect for working all kinds of flowers, leaves and floral motifs. And it is easy to modify: if you wish to change its shape a bit (say, to widen it), just work a couple of anchoring stitches more around the loop. I did this in my very first sampler, where I dubbed it the "not so lazy daisy stitch". 

Detached Chain Stitch

Detached Chain Stitch

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