Window #1

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June - August 2020

The starting point for this window was the following drawing. I just saw this picture in my mind's eye and pencilled it in my sketchbook.

Drawing of an Inner Vision

At a time when I was suffering intense doubts about my skills and didn't quite knew what to stitch next, this drawing fell into my hands again. I had also experimented with a few colour palettes, so I thought I could embroider the window in the back - as a second picture from the architecture series, so to speak.

The colour palette I used is called "light & fresh". I worked all the surfaces in long-and-short-stitch, that is in a Split Stitch filling actually, and the outlines in Stem Stitch. And I used my old craft floss, which I still have a lot of.

Embroidered Stained Glass Window

Embroidered Stained Glass Window

And here't is. I have called it "WithinWithout", because it helped me to get back from the inside to the outside again.