Series: Historical Costumes

Series: Historical Costumes

I'm afraid, this "series" will remain merely a stump. As I came to stitching my own designs, I had three series in my mind: fish, historical costumes and fairy tales. The fish series went on, I began to work on the first design of the costumes series ... and discarded the fairy tales (though I had experimented with Rapunzel and the Little Briar-Rose, as you can see, but had not completed any of them). Why? Too complicated! I plan to one day sell my designs or even embroideries, but to get there as quick as possible, you just can't allow yourself to get lost in huge detailed pictures. For a start, the designs have to be as quick to work as possible. 

In the meantime, my plans have changed repeatedly. I thought about adding a series called Les Fleurs du Mal to the bundle, which was supposed to contain European poisonous plants. I even finished a design for a wisteria. But life drives us constantly up to new strands, and that is a good thing, because life is constant movement, isn't it?  

So my new strand was the re-discovery of my love of depicting architecture. Right now, I'm stitching my first street door, and I feel with certainty that I found my real creative subject and style. Which will with equal certainty keep changing and evolving in the course of time.

The first design of the series Historical Costumes is an Egyptian. I am pleased with the result. Due to the beforementioned musings, however, I'm afraid it will be the first and last design of this series for the time being, because the cultures following the Egyptian era were not that scantily dressed anymore. They would require a much longer stitching process than this one. Something rather for the retirement age. 

Historical Costume Egypt